LIV2DAY: Rest – Practice 5 Types for Optimum Health

Did you know there are five types of rest we each need to practice to ensure our optimum health? In this episode, Dr. Paula explains those types and debunks the myth that our “best self” is defined by our productivity.

LIV2DAY: Self-Care

Are you worn out from pushing “too hard” over the holiday? Or maybe just feeling “low” in your spirit? Lonely or depressed? Explore with Dr. Paula possible areas in your life that may need “tending to.”

MAKE LIFE MATTER: 3 Keys to the Life You’re Longing For

Episode #38 – We traded the over-scheduled lives we juggled before 2020, for over-taxed lives in a year of unprecedented uncertainty and change. Manyofusfeel tired…overwhelmed…even numb. But it doesn’t have to be that way – we can live blessed and astounded by God. In today’s episode, I share 3 keys to experience the life you’re longing for.