PAST TO POWER PODCAST: Fire Keeper Amy Grant

FireKeepers tend the fire at Amy Grant’s ranch and there’s a lot to learn about life on the farm in this episode. Join Amy Elaine and LaTan as we chat with Amy Grant about the art of tending the fire in our own lives.

Decorating For Fall on a Budget

Here’s how to get all “fall up in here” without a lot of effort, clutter, or breaking the bank. Your guide to decorating for fall in 3 simple steps.

Decisions, Decisions

Episode #17 – They also talk about healthy ways they can “seek wise counsel” before making important decisions and how detrimental it can be to constantly fly solo.

Your Past Does Not Mean a Hill of Beans

Episode #18 – In this episode, Jay and Jess discuss the three reasons for their WHY for their podcast. They also share some of their favorite farm, life, and heart hacks.