Staying Faithful in a Faithless World

Day 240 of Bible Reading Plan – Staying faithful in a faithless world means we don’t let ourselves grow comfortable with the status quo. Don’t be lulled into the comfort zone and forget what matters most. Faithfulness positions us in a place to be recipients of grace.

Luke’s Gospel: Loss

Hate is a most unprofitable emotion. Seldom does it lead to benefits either for the individual or the company.

Freedom Fighter

Surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable for both your words and your actions. 

Faithful and True

Every part of the Trinity reveals the truth. His truth is His Word, His truth, His very essence is Faithful and True.

Hope Deferred Makes The Heart Sick

As I have gone through seasons of pain and hope deferred, I have learned to not lean on my own understanding but to lean into His arms of love.

Out Of The Box

We serve an “out of the box” God. He is awaiting to place and position us. A piece of that puzzle has YOUR name written on it.

Building a Heritage of Prayer

Sometimes we see life so much in the “now.” We forget to look into the past to see maybe why we are the way we are.

Faithful Servant

By trying so hard to be like someone else, not only do we try to mirror them but we give up our own identity.

The Struggle Is Real

He is not letting you drown. He is letting you go through a metamorphosis of your own, a process.

Great Expectations

When our hearts are healthy and free, we are able to dream, and thus allow God to use our imagination to partner with Him to see His will accomplished in our lives.

Someone Else’s Hunger

If it’s important to me that I serve others well and fill their stomachs, why is it not a priority to fill mine?

The Truth That Heals

We are immersed in a culture that says the truth is whatever we want it to be, and self-centered living is the key to freedom. God tells us it’s His truth that convicts and actually sets us free to live fruitful and abundant lives.

Darkness Exposed

Be steadfast in your secret place, make your own history with God so that, when something tries to shake you, it’s impossible for it to prevail.

Hidden Joy

An attitude of joy is most important in the mundane and hidden.

Faith Over Fear

A broken combination of pride and fear restricts me from pushing forward into the unknown of what I cannot see. But when I am obedient to the Holy Spirit, it is amazing at how He remains as a faithful Shepherd to His lost sheep.

The Pendulum

God’s love towards us does not swing back and forth like a pendulum; He is steady. He is faithful, more like a metronome, keeping time and helping us to make our music well.