JESUS, ME & ANXIETY: New Year. One Goal.

Episode #12 – After a year of putting “New Year pressure” on myself (unhealthy pressure at times), I made a decision this year to have one goal. It’s definitely the best one I’ve ever had.

BLACK AND WHITE PODCAST: How to Form Healthy Relationships

Episode #106 – Relationships can be tricky. Expectations and selfishness can kill relationships. To find a healthy relationship we have to be healthy ourselves. And perhaps our goal in the relationship is about serving and blessing others rather than wondering what those relationships can do for us. Listen in as we consider how we can form godly relationships in our lives.

Expectations Vs. Expectancy

Expectations lead to frustration and sin. Expectancy leads to peace and blessings. As we surrender to His sovereignty, we become less. He becomes More.

We are Pounding On the Door, Lord!

Oh God, we have been there before, Knocking gently on heaven’s door—But now we’re in desperation and despair. Please look out again and find us there!

How to Form Healthy Relationships

Episode #106 – Expectations and selfishness can kill relationships. To find a healthy relationship, we have to be healthy ourselves.

Great Expectations

When our hearts are healthy and free, we are able to dream, and thus allow God to use our imagination to partner with Him to see His will accomplished in our lives.

What is Your Yes?

An abandoned “yes” unlocks abandoned freedom. So, I encourage you to get quiet and ask yourself, “Do I have expectations I need to lay down?”

The Kingdom Here. Now.

There’s feasting, laughter, and dancing to do now. Before the diamond comes, before that womb is full, before the debt is canceled. Let’s fall in love smack dab in the middle of our in-between time.

Jon Jorgenson: Trusting God

In this episode, Jill talks to Jon about his transition from Broadway star to YouTube sensation. You’ll hear him candidly talk about his struggle to make that leap of faith, but how in just 18 months God exceeded his expectations.

Chasing Our God-Given Vision

In a world that pulls for our undivided attention at every turn, we all need a God-given vision to push us forward. Things don’t have to be perfect in order for us to begin what God has laid on our hearts. We can start sharing Jesus right where we are.

Hope After Easter

How many of us go to church and lift our hands and celebrate that our Jesus defeated death but still walk around defeated?

The Trap of Comparison

I was in a new school with new friends, and I wanted so badly to fit in. So I tried out for the cheerleading squad, thinking it was the missing link. Tryouts were on a Friday, and I’ll never forget how the list of those who made it was taped to the glass windows of the school.