THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Praying Against Your Fears

In this episode, we talk with author Judy Dunagan about how moms can step away from fear and pray Scripture over their children and lives. Judy shares many practical steps, some of which come from her newest book, The Loudest Roar. The book came out of an honest question Judy asked God, “Why does the enemy have so much power?”

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Why is it So Hard to be a Christian Today?

Lessons from 2 Timothy 3 – In this episode, Erin Olson discusses why it is so hard to be a Christian today during times when people are seeking pleasure more than they are seeking God. Erin continues in her teaching series of 2 Timothy and discusses Paul’s charge to Timothy in chapter 3.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: How Do You Define Evil?

In today’s episode, Erin discusses the tragic events which took place in Uvalde, Texas this past week. She discusses where evil came from and how Christians can navigate reaching those who are hurting, sad, angry, and need help.

ALONG THE WAY: Raising High His Signal – with Paul Bixler

Paul Bixler knew that his purpose for life was to be in TV production but he didn’t want to work at the small start-up station that his parents were pioneering back in Pittsburgh, but God called him back to be part of a great legacy of raising high God’s signal to the nations.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Redeeming the Time

God has given Reed Swanson a powerful Word all from the book of Ephesians!  He is actually writing a book called, “How To Redeem the Time in Evil Days” First four chapters of his book are on Identity:   Learning how to love yourself, how to value your value, being worthy of love, and being forgiven!

This is It!

The goal is to indoctrinate young people with the false narrative that America invented slavery.

It’s Time to Fight

Day 364 of Bible Reading Plan – I don’t mean a fistfight, praise God! But the church needs to rise up and be the church. We need to contend for the faith, friends! It’s time to fight but fight in the Spirit and with God’s word. Let’s be used to rescuing others so they can join us in the fight against evil!

Overcoming Apathy and Igniting Passion

Day 323 of Bible Reading Plan – Just going with the flow living in the status quo is not the abundant life God had in mind. But overcoming apathy and igniting passion in our lives is going to take a continual, intentional effort.

ELECTION DAY: Your Simple Choice Between Good and Evil

OPINION – This would sound like a conspiracy theory to prior generations of Americans. Today, it is a settled fact. The idea that they can sanitize a candidate confirmed to be totally compromised to China, morally bankrupt, and mentally diminished–and who is the head of a depraved family. Who is doing this? The biggest and […]

Living in Wisdom

Day 257 of Bible Reading Plan – Have you ever known a know-it-all? Maybe they thought they knew it all, but their pride and self-righteousness revealed that they surely didn’t. Those who know anything in this life realizes they don’t know anything. Living in wisdom helps us to truly be wise.