LIV2DAY: Top 31 Replay! – Exercise

Join Dr. Paula in this brief introduction to how to get your body moving one muscle at a time, even if you have compromised joints or a disability. You do not have to become a top athlete in order to improve your health and overall fitness.

LIV2DAY: Top 31 Replay! – The Wonders of Water

Day 4 – In this episode, Dr. Paula goes beyond the obvious topic of water as vital to hydration, health, and balance in the body and dives into the three different forms of water as analogous to the three different forms of God as presented in the Trinity.

LIV2DAY: Top 31 Replay! – Genetic Impressions

Day 3 – We are not only a product of our ancestors in terms of our anatomy, a tendency toward certain diseases, or other physiological traits; but we are also born with genetic impressions of their likes, dislikes, tastes, fears, experiences, and more.