Running the Race

Every pain we face, every doubt we overcome, every battle we wage is worth
patiently enduring the journey to get to the finish line and see our Savior at last!

Making Decisions, Becoming Disciples

When we can’t or are unable to ask new questions or consider new answers, we limit our field of vision.
In doing so, we run the risk of missing the possibilities God provides…of confusing our partial story of God with one that is complete.

Are You Soaking?

How awesome would it be if I could be so immersed in God’s Word that when you squeeze me, all that comes out is Him?

The Great Mask Debate

I still believe we are masking far more than we realize, and it is revealing much more than meets the eye.

On Being Still

It’s very easy to start feeling like the lack of forward momentum or breakthrough is because of something you are not doing…

The Lord Whispered, Truth Matters

I have found when He speaks things like TruthMatters…it is because He is about to expand my thinking, work on my heart, and pour out revelation. 

Realistic Expectations

As election dust settles, let the truth speak either to your exuberance…or to your disappointment.

The Sword of the Spirit

“Remember that not only is God’s Word the tool of His judgment, but it was also the tool of creation.”

The Helmet of Salvation

What we see, then, is that the helmet of salvation cannot be intended to imply simply being born-again.

Submitting to Authority

Here’s a call from God to comply with the powers that be with the understanding that they are here to serve His purposes. God’s Word is first.