Episode #70 – No matter how dark things might appear at any given time, Brian Fletcher reminds us that God wins in the end.


We should never allow the enemy to dissuade us from praying or lull us into the sense that prayer does not make a difference. Prayer can change things.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Did God Really Say That?

Episode #50 – This week, LaTan Roland Murphy is joining me for some REAL TALK about combating the voice of the enemy when he says, “Did God really say that (fill in the blank)?”

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective

Our perspective affects our lives profoundly. One of the tactics of the enemy is to cause us to lose perspective. Confused and disillusioned, we try to find the meaning of this life. To find perspective we need to relinquish our own and ask for God’s. Listen in as Denise shares how we can lose the world’s perspective and gain God’s.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Wake Up Church, Sound The Alarm

Episode #10 – Keep your lamp burning! We are standing in the time of awakening. Your cultivation of a relationship with God is more important than ever! Jesus is helping his disciples understand that he is a long time coming. Awaken, for the presence of God is here now!

In the End God Wins

Day 358-362 of Bible Reading Plan – In all the struggles and strife on the earth, we can rejoice because in, the end, God wins.

The Lie of Tolerance

Day 316 of Bible Reading Plan – Acceptance is a beautiful thing—but what about tolerance? How do we handle unbiblical standards in the church today? The word tolerance is used a lot today, but what are we tolerating? And what are we not tolerating? The lie of tolerance is revealed in its fruit.

God’s Justice is Perfect

Day 276 of Bible Reading Plan – Have you ever dealt with bullies in your life and wondered why God did not deal with them already? God is just and He will deal with those who hurt us, but God also wants them to repent, too. God’s justice is perfect and His dealing with the Ninevites reveals His long-suffering and their deserved punishment. But we can trust God’s defense.

Make Up Your Mind

Day 247 of Bible Reading Plan – Our mind is a battlefield. Our mind is where our belief system is formed and kept. And it is where the enemy of our souls seeks to attack us and prevent us from knowing God. Our thoughts can wander and fear or anxiety can rob us of the peace is ours. But when you feel discouraged in your mind, you can choose to make up your mind by setting our hope on God and filtering our thoughts through His word.

DARE 2 HEAR: Obedience Is A Weapon with Kim Meeder

In this episode, we talk to Kim Meeder about how authentic obedience is not just 1 thing but 3. We discuss how obedience and love are inseparable, how revival in our hearts can’t happen if we refuse to obey, and how choosing to live a life of obedience allows us to become vessels to bring heaven to earth.

Under the Influence

Day 238 of Bible Reading Plan – Driving under the influence will likely get one to lose their license. And living under the influence of the devil might get you to lose your life. Rather than merely being influenced by the world, God is calling us to be influencers with the Gospel, the most powerful message in the world that changes hearts and minds.

Coronavirus and the Hidden Crown

Coronavirus is a counterattack to the true anointing being released in the world today. “Corona ” means ‘crown,’ named for the shape of the virus, and named by hell itself.

God of Justice God of Peace

So what does it mean to love justice? I think we cannot fully understand this without the knowledge of the Gospel.

The Bully of Bullies (Part 1)

Remember, the Bully has his schemes (His favorites are lies and accusation/condemnation). But don’t be his next victim.

Hurt People

Wisdom and maturity are recognizing that those that hurt us, whether intended or not, need love, too. They need our prayers, our patience.

When Raccoons Attack

While it may feel like the enemy has the upper hand today, he never gets to win. God has a plan to restore all the places that the enemy has broken down.