PASTOR TALK: Mentoring

Join pastors Nathan and Blake as they talk about mentoring and its importance in our lives. Make sure you listen until the end…

Jesus is Belief

Episode 8 – Today, we’re going to get a good look at how Jesus is belief Himself.

The Tower Principle

Episode 7 – Today we’re going to look at what I call “The Tower Principle” from one of Jesus’ parables.

How Do We Change?

Episode 6 – In today’s episode of “The Jesus Habit Podcast,” we take a break from our daily devotionals and look at all the core components necessary to change.

Why Do You Want To Change?

Episode 5 – What is the “why” that drives your life? Why do you want to change? What is going to carry you through this journey?

What Do You Want To Change?

Episode 4 – In today’s episode, we talk about figuring out what exactly you want to work on, grow in, and become more like Jesus.

Believe You Can

Episode 3 – Today we take a look at the critical role belief plays in the transformation process. Do you think you can change?

The Need For Change

Episode 1 – As we prepare to go through the book of Hebrews, we start by preparing ourselves for the change God may want to do in our lives.

Who’s Driving?

Episode 69 – Sadly, many Christians have inadvertently hitched their cars to the jelly of the month club, A.K.A: what’s popular right now.

Non-Absorbent Paper Towels

Episode 68 – We can’t build God’s kingdom and our own at the same time. Our kingdom is the stuff non-absorbent paper towels are made of.

Consumed Consumers

Episode 67 – The mission God has given your church hasn’t changed since Jesus issued it. Make disciples.

How To Beat Rebellion

Episode 66 – That was the only way for God to address our rebellious nature. Not by imposing the demands of a religious system, but by pouring it out. 

A Living Vs. A Hobby

Episode 65 – The question is: are we Christ-followers or Culture-followers. Who has the lead in my life?

Courteous Conversations

Episode 63 – Why do we let our opinions around difficult topics such as these divide us as the church?

Anxiety & Rest

Episode 62 – Are you struggling with anxiety? Could it be that your beliefs or actions are out of alignment with God’s promises?

Belief Is A Demonstration

Episode 61 – Are we going to hide our faith and only bring it out when we’re around other believers and hide it under a basket the rest of the time?

Jesus Is Greater

Episode 60 – What other savior or redeemer has been brought back from the dead? Who else has gone through death in our place?

Submitting To Authorities

Episode 59 – When any of us make the choice NOT to submit to our spiritual authorities, we are in the wrong.

Outside The City Gates

Episode 58 – But, to experience the joy of Jesus in our lives today, we may have to leave behind the comforts of what we have always known.

Overwhelmed With Change

Episode 57 – Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. None of this change we are experiencing is a surprise to God. He knew what we would do.

Do The Opposite

Episode 56 – But, the church cannot exist within the personal-gratification trends of society around us. The church is counter-cultural.

Absolute Feelings and Relative Truth

Episode 55 – Jesus didn’t give His life so that we could embrace whatever hell we wanted. He gave His life to set us free from the bondage death had over our lives.

Mountain of Fear Vs. Mountain of Joy

Episode #54 – You should not be dependent on your preacher or me on this podcast or anyone else to meet with God. We are only changed when we meet with God for ourselves.

We Are Better Than This

Episode #53 – We can do better. In our struggle against these sins, we have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood.