Is God About to Play His Trump Card?

OPINION – Early yesterday morning as the fog of current events rolled around in my head, clarity of thought started to emerge. For one, it seems very unlikely that President Trump would just roll over and quietly exit. He knows full well that it was a fake insurrection sparked by paid anarchists on January 6th […]

BLACK AND WHITE PODCAST: Vote Your Faith – The Foundation of our Nation, Part 1

Episode #139 – These are turbulent times in our nation, friends. There is much confusion and perhaps you wonder if you can make a difference at all. For such a time as this, here is a clarion message from an interview I had with David Barton. Vote your faith, friends. Look at the actions (as in legislation) more than the words. We do not have a perfect leader, but there is a righteous choice before us.

ELECTION DAY: Your Simple Choice Between Good and Evil

OPINION – This would sound like a conspiracy theory to prior generations of Americans. Today, it is a settled fact. The idea that they can sanitize a candidate confirmed to be totally compromised to China, morally bankrupt, and mentally diminished–and who is the head of a depraved family. Who is doing this? The biggest and […]

Make Your Vote Matter

Day 308 of Bible Reading Plan – God has a purpose for you in this world. Your voice is needed, friend. And today on election day, your vote impacts legislation that can save lives and change the course of history. You Make Your Vote Matter most when it aligns with Scripture.