Elaine Tavolacci prophecy

New Beginnings

Jesus wants to heal and repair areas in your life that need to be restored and rebuilt.

Highway of Holiness

The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, so you must act accordingly.

The Lord is Not Finished

Don’t be alarmed by the rise in warfare, but know that this is an indication of His coming glory.

A Second Wind

God wants to revive you just as He did when He sent an Angel to Elijah.

Called to a Higher Realm

Don’t let your guard down for a minute, but allow Jesus to lead and guide your life and ministry.

The Emerging Ekklesia

The Ekklēsia will raise their voice with worship that will reverberate across the land.

It’s Time for Revival

I call those who have been delivered to go and awaken the children of darkness and walk them into what they have been called to do.

Rise Up Men of God

It’s time for you man of God, to throw off your grave clothes and arise to the fullness of what the Lord has called you to do.