COFFEE AND PRAYER: Don’t Be a Complaining Christian

Today we talk about the streams of living water flowing through heaven and the tree of life that provides abundantly. We also talk about how quickly the children of Israel reduced themselves to complaining after being set free from the bondage of slavery to the Egyptians.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: Don’t Go Back to What God Freed You From

In today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in Revelation chapter 21 and Exodus chapter 14. Today we talk about the new Jerusalem that will come after Satan is defeated. We also talk about the lack of faith and unbelief the children of Israel had after being set free from slavery to the Egyptians.

Am I a Good Mom?

Fellow mamas, we aren’t called to be our kids’ savior, but we are called to surrender them to the Savior.

An Opportunity To Choose Jesus!

Join Pastor Roy Geesey an encouraging message during the COVID-19 Pandemic., drawing from the story of the Israelites transition to the promised land in the book of Exodus.

Out of Egypt

Now that we have been led out of Egypt, what does God desire for and from us?

The Book Of Joshua: Study Two

When God promotes you, it’s not to achieve greater worldly success but greater Heavenly success. Joshua does as he is told. He gathers the leaders together and passes the order down.