Life as a Vapor

Life not only harbors nothing new, but it also has a disturbing way of disappearing into irrelevance. 

A Time for Everything and for Everyone

Experiences you have banished from your personal history as worthless and painful, God does not forget. 
He seeks even what we’ve discarded, and makes it serve the overall mosaic of your life.

Making it Not Meaningless

Today as I talked to the Lord about what was rumbling around in my head lately, I felt the leading to read Ecclesiastes.

The Sunflower

There will be times of sunshine and times of rain—we have days, and we have nights, and when we go through each season, we know they will faithfully return.

Reasons for the Seasons

The truth is, whether we like it or not, depression is a weapon from the enemy, and it’s more common than we think. We are not alone.

Every Moment is a Gift

Every moment is a gift, not a guarantee. God is calling us to rest in His goodness and see the beauty He provides in our everyday lives.