Who’s Driving?

Our need for control tries to take away attributes of God through our assumption that we know better.

Who’s Driving?

Nothing is worse while you are driving than being subjected to a backseat driver (who is sometimes at the front seat in the form of your spouse).

All The Coffee & All The Grace

I have been known to drive 45 minutes one way to hang out, drink coffee, and write. It fuels me. And I always take advantage of the long drives.

Step into the Awkwardness

Between doing this so spontaneously, getting honked at for my abrupt U-turn, and letting what seemed to be an overly eager stranger into my car, I was feeling a little awkward.

Moving Day

We closed on the sale of our house on December 18th and finished moving our stuff into the Arctic Wolf. I might not have been a shining light that day, but I did hold my tongue…