LIV2DAY: The Top 5 Toxic Offenders…Stinkin’ Thinkin’!

Now in the last episode of Dr. Paula McDonald’s series on the Top Toxic Offenders, we have covered the top five toxic offenders in our food, our drink, our everyday lifestyle and body products, our household products, and now, the fifth and possibly most important category, the top toxic offenders of the mind…what Dr. Paula calls, our “stinkin’ thinkin!”

LIV2DAY: Top 5 Toxic Offenders in What You Drink

In this episode, Dr. Paula shares her Top 5 toxic-laden drinks that are important for us to consider. Given that our bodies need adequate hydration in order to run like a well-oiled machine, it’s time to wake up, educate yourself, and retrain your habits.

What God Would Say to the Addict

When the world seems to have given up on you, He has not. When you have given up on yourself, He has not. You are not an addict. Through Christ, because of Christ, you are more.