Dr. Paula McDonald


EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY with Dr. Paula McDonald brings you today’s study on Chapter 2 in the Book of John! Today we are embarking on 25 PACKED verses in this rich chapter. In this episode, we’ll go through the four types of witnesses to Jesus’ Diety, meaning Jesus being God.

LIV2DAY: Science + God

In this episode, Dr. Paula explores Darwin’s theory of evolution. As mainstream thinking would maintain, science supports exclusively the theory of evolution, while scripture supports the theory of a divine Creator, aka creationism. But is that all there really is to it?


Among the four gospels, the gospel of John is known as designating Jesus clearly with God from the beginning and establishing His deity. Jesus is shown to have pre-existed. These opening facts are the absolute basis of the entire Christian faith.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Introduction to the Book of John

The book of John offers an account of the ministry of Jesus over 21 chapters. Just as in her study on the Book of Revelation, Dr. Paula goes verse by verse and line by line in this study. So brace yourself and get ready to buckle up and dive into this rich and exciting study.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 21

In this next-to-last lesson on Revelation, we have the privilege of receiving a glimpse of the new things that we are promised. The New Heaven and the New Earth, and in the second half of the chapter, the New Jerusalem.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 20

As we continue our study in Revelation, Dr. Paula takes us now through Chapter 20. In this chapter, we’re provided with the Promise of 1,000 Years, the Final Defeat of Satan, and the Judgment at the Great White Throne.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 19

Did you know that Chapter 19 of the book of Revelation is the FIRST time the word Hallelujah appears in the New Testament? It’s true. And it appears four times, as there is much to rejoice about. Chapter 19 begins as our King is riding in on a white horse.

LIV2DAY: Being Father Focused

As believers, how are we to navigate these crazy times without falling into despair and simply wringing our hands with worry? In today’s episode, we will look at how our responses and reactions affect our lives.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 18

Today’s study is on Chapter 18. Among other things, we will take a closer look into Babylon. The best news of all is that after the next chapter, Chapter 19, we will enter the story of Jesus’ coming reign. So hold on, as He promised, Good News is coming!

LIV2DAY: Connecting to Self + Ask Dr. Paula on the Pineal Gland

Have you or someone you know ever received “that phone call” from a doctor? In today’s new podcast episode, Dr. Paula shares how, at age 43, this phone call would send her on a journey to ask herself hard questions, discover God deeply, and claim her true identity in Him.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 16

The production unfolded with a beautiful reminder to keep your eyes on Christ. And then the chapter ended with the drama of the smoke-filled temple just as the final curtain call is about to begin right here in Chapter16. And tonight, the stage is set for the finale of God’s judgment.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 14

In Chapter 14, we are reminded who wins the battle against Satan and that it is God who wins! Verses 1-5 shifts our focus from the beast of Chapter 13 back onto God’s loyal believers.

LIV2DAY: Generational Sin

What is generational sin? “Generational sins are weaknesses or tendencies that are handed down to us through the generations from parents or members of our family. These sins can involve behavioral patterns and ways of thinking that keep us trapped in the past.” (Crosswalk.com)

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 12

In this episode of Exhale Bible Discovery with Dr. Paula, we arrive at the beautiful message of 11:11 that tells us that we must stand up and that when we do, we are undergirded by the Holy Spirit.

LIV2DAY: You are Valued

Do you struggle with self-worth or self-value? Unfortunately, so many of us are plagued by destructive and negative self-deprecating thoughts and words. In today’s episode, Dr. Paula tackles the roadblocks that could be in your way and offers insight on how to replace the destructive habits that aren’t serving you.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 10

We’ve just learned about the first six trumpets, the burning, the blood, the bitterness, the blackness, the beast, and the battle. Now, in chapter ten, we’re going to focus on the message from the mighty angel.