Dr. Danny Davis

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Alton Garrison Interview 2

In today’s conversation, we get to listen to the Leader of THE ACTS 2 JOURNEY, Brother Alton Garrison, speak to us on the subject of…WHAT THE ELDER AND YOUNGER GENERATION OF LEADERS need to be doing RIGHT NOW to be effective in this day and age.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Dr. Roberto Perez Interview

You might be surprised to learn just how many Christian Leaders suffer from mental health problems. In this captivating conversation with Dr. Roberto Perez, he recounts how his marriage, ministry, and family almost came crumbling down due to his PRIDE surrounding mental health.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: John Wilds Interview

In today’s talk, we sit down with Christian Musical Artist and Worship Pastor, John Wilds to discuss the nuts & bolts of successfully leading a music ministry in a local church.