COFFEE AND PRAYER: Lower Your Expectations

In today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in Matthew chapter 17 and Exodus chapter 32. Today we talk about lowering our expectations for the Lord. Many times what we expect and what God is doing are completely different.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: Don’t Forget What God’s Already Done

In today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in Matthew chapter 15 and Exodus chapter 30. Today we talk about man-made traditions being exalted over God’s commands and how quick we are to forget all of the times God has miraculously come through in the past.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: Don’t Let Fear Drown Your Faith

In today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in Matthew chapter 14 and Exodus chapter 29. Today we talk about getting alone with God to be better connected. We also talk about walking away from doubt and the feeling of uncertainty to better step out in faith.

When You’ve Given Up on God

When it feels like you’re shouldering more than your fair share of the pain, it’s natural to doubt God’s goodness or to question whether he exists at all.

I Hear Voices

Our Heavenly Father’s voice can silence the lies we tell ourselves, the lies our parents have told us, and the lies of the evil one.

DARE 2 HEAR: The Voice of Truth

There are a variety of voices vying for attention, center stage, and control in our lives. These voices will attempt to discourage you, to dissuade you, to confuse you, and even stop you from walking out God’s plan for your life. We discuss some of the voices you must tune out such as the voice of the past, reason, doubt, and pride, just to name a few.

What Makes You Secure?

Let’s let Him secure us and secure our situations. It’s His battle and His fight to be victorious over.

Ravens of Elijah

If you’re anything like me, then you’re inclined to believe that life can only make sense if on some scale, on some level, there is some measure of balance and symmetry.

Kingdom Perspective

It is sometimes hard to get perspective when I read through the Bible quickly.

When Someone Has Questions

In a system where faith is primarily about systems of rules and beliefs, our beliefs seem to come with an all-or-nothing caveat.

Faith Isn’t Pretending

The danger of our modern, evangelical movement is that we’ve created an answer that is too slick and simplistic for real life—we’ve left no room for dealing with hard questions.

When Anxiety Assails

I went through a horrible period of panic/anxiety attacks when I was a young mom. And the worst part of it all was that I thought God was punishing me.

Worth It All

The deepness that He is taking me through requires a trusting faith, a real faith without any room for doubt or another plan.

I’m Just a Kid

To parent my kids well, I’m going to have to be okay with the fact that I’m just a kid, too. I don’t know everything, I can’t see the future, and I can’t possibly control what kind of adults they’ll be.