do it again


Making good decisions is critical. And leading from faith and not fear is essential. According to God, obedience is faith, and disobedience because of fear is contempt for God. Facing our giants may be hard, but dying in the wilderness and costing our children 40 years is harder! Choose your hard!

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: The Reward of Demanding Faith

Caleb was a man with a different spirit who wasn’t afraid to face giants and take his mountain. In fact, he demanded that he be given that task to inherit what God said was his and his descendants. We can deploy the same four significant understandings to face and take ours too.

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: How to Overcome the Global Reset

We have instructions for being over-comers and not victims. Jaime gives five things Abraham did for laying hold of the impossible with the knowledge that it will instruct us how to stand sure during the shaking and come out victorious.

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: Believing the Bible

There is much debate on the ways that people read the Bible. But God’s word is God’s word. It says what it means, and it means what it says. It’s time we live the Bible.