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EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: The Truth about Nagging and Complaining

In this episode, we’re having an honest, “tell it like it is” conversation on the topic of nagging and complaining. And we’re going to be talking to your wife… AND you, husband! Join us if you want the truth, some understanding, validation, and perhaps a little Holy Spirit conviction.

The Lies that Divide

Especially as Christians, there is no division among those who follow Jesus. We are one. And we need to realize there is an agenda to divide us.

Stand With God

Day 275 of Bible Reading Plan – When I was in middle school (oh, the dreaded middle school years!), I remember when people wanted to beat me up. It wasn’t until I had someone bigger than my threat who stood up for me that my enemies stepped down. There is so much strife in this fallen world—so much fighting and pressure to be like everyone else. And yet the one who will stand with God and not with the world will be the most blessed.

BLACK AND WHITE PODCAST: The Solution to Racism

Episode #129 – Denise and intern team member Tabatha sum up the month’s podcasts regarding racism. They discuss aspects of our culture that lead to prejudiced attitudes and promote racism.

The Kingdom Race

Stop going to the microphone claiming to represent the church and the Kingdom of God with political and quasi-religious-sounding statements that have no basis in what God has decreed.

Jesus’s Culture

Listen to Outreach Church’s Senior Pastor Roy Geesey, who shares how Jesus taught us to handle cultural and religious divides.

The Core of America

Too many are living in the moment and not according to My Word. America was designed to live as an indivisible nation under God, not apart from Me.