EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Are You Disconnected in Your Marriage

What do you do when you feel disconnected in your marriage? How do you even know if disconnection is what’s even happening? In today’s episode, we will be answering both questions. Tune in and find out how significant dealing with disconnection in your marriage can be.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: The Problem with Right Fighting

Do you find it tough to be wrong, or even tougher to allow your spouse to be wrong without correcting them? We used to struggle with this too. Well, we’re here to tell you that there is a better way; a way where instead of being pinned up against one another, you’re actually getting a win for your marriage!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Do you Need Marriage Counseling?

Do you know the difference between what normal problems are versus what real, we need help, problems are? In this episode, we’re getting real and honest as we share 8 signs that your marriage may need some professional help. Trust us when we say that this is information you truly want.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: How to Support your Spouse in Need

Are you or your spouse facing a hard time? Has life just been rough for one or both of you lately? If so, you’ll want to tune in for this episode. We’re sharing some encouragement and some practical tips on how to show up in times of need for one another.r spouse or if it sounds like you, today’s episode on avoiding in marriage is for you!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Avoiders in Marriage

Does your spouse constantly walk away or shut down communication with you? Do they struggle or rarely share how they feel, except for anger? Maybe you find yourself struggling to believe that they even care about you anymore. If any of this sounds like your spouse or if it sounds like you, today’s episode on avoiding in marriage is for you!