Feeling So Empty

When everything hits the fan, it’s hard to see a good God in the middle of all the crap.

The Truth about Perfectionism

The truth is, it is always better to be who you are and avoid making something that is not the case appear to be true. 

Speaking With Your Own Voice

When our convictions aren’t any more substantive than bumper sticker platitudes and memes – they’re just a poor substitute for real convictions.

DARE 2 HEAR: How To Hear The Voice Of God

Episode #1 – Part of an authentic relationship is a two-way conversation.  God longs to have an authentic relationship with us. In this episode, we talk about how the logistics of hearing from God and why it is to be a normal part of our everyday life.

Dear Snobby Christian Women: I Don’t Want to Be Like You Anymore

I remember. I remember how badly I used to want to be just like you. I remember the tears when leaving your fancy, stained-glass churches as a young woman, wanting so desperately to fit in. I remember looking in a mirror outside of the sanctuary and wondering how expensive plastic surgery might be. I remember […]

Traveling, Intentionally

There are more people traveling than ever before! This is an awesome thing in my opinion, but it also brings up a lot of challenges.