LIV2DAY: Introduction to Wired2Know God

Join us in this episode as Dr. Paula shares what we can expect in episodes ahead on this 6-week journey. We will cover more than the DNA structure that makes us human and delve into a fact-based discussion that points to God’s undoubtedly, purposeful and personal design of man, made in His own image.

LIV2DAY: Start2Day with a New Year

As the New Year kicks off, do you find yourself making another list of resolutions or goals? Before you start down that path, give yourself the next fifteen minutes to hear Dr. Paula’s advice on how to ensure you are successful from Day 1.

LIV2DAY: The Vibrational Frequency of Prayer

We know that all living things have a vibrational frequency. We know that sound also has varying levels of frequency. Scientists, especially in the emerging area of healing frequency therapy, also know that thought patterns even emit a frequency. Did you know that your mood exerts its own frequency?

LIV2DAY: Mary’s Song

Can you imagine how Mary felt when told that she, a virgin, would give birth to a son? And not just any son, the Son of God, the Messiah.

LIV2DAY: Is There Enough Evidence to Convict You of Being a Christian?

Everyone has God-given gifts. The question is, how are you using yours to glorify Him? Can others see the fruit of your labor? Do you know what yours are? Using your gifts is not the same thing as striving to be a “perfect” person. That is an empty way of life and not one that we are called to live.

LIV2DAY: The Reason for the Season, and Protecting Yourself from Stress

The “busy-ness” of the holidays is everywhere, and yes, the stress may already be upon you. Preparing for what Dr. Paula calls the Four Big Stressors – Family, Food, (the) Frenzy, and Finances – will help you to stay in a more balanced state. Planning ahead to circumvent triggers, and praying about these triggers as well, can make all the difference.

LIV2DAY: Spiritual Blindness

A person who is spiritually blind will physically see but not see the things of God. Join Dr. Paula in an insightful study on the topic of spiritual blindness.

LIV2DAY: Being Father Focused

As believers, how are we to navigate these crazy times without falling into despair and simply wringing our hands with worry? In today’s episode, we will look at how our responses and reactions affect our lives.

LIV2DAY: Generational Sin

What is generational sin? “Generational sins are weaknesses or tendencies that are handed down to us through the generations from parents or members of our family. These sins can involve behavioral patterns and ways of thinking that keep us trapped in the past.” (

LIV2DAY: You are Valued

Do you struggle with self-worth or self-value? Unfortunately, so many of us are plagued by destructive and negative self-deprecating thoughts and words. In today’s episode, Dr. Paula tackles the roadblocks that could be in your way and offers insight on how to replace the destructive habits that aren’t serving you.

LIV2DAY: Jesus Saved, Not Shamed

Today’s episode raises the issue of a phenomenon that seems to be on the rise among well-meaning Christians – a disposition of “righteous anger,” which sounds much like “righteous indignation.” Dr. Paula breaks down the issue and explains why it matters and what we, as Christians, must carefully guard against.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Walking in an Attitude of Gratitude

Today’s show is the first part of a two-part series on Gratefulness. And oh, what a time we live in for living with an attitude of gratitude. If you can pull off walking in gratefulness during this season, you will surely be recognized as someone who is set apart!

LIV2DAY: Attitude Check

As Christians, the attitude we carry into the world each day is a reflection of who we are in Christ and can speak volumes to those around us. If you think others don’t notice, you’re probably wrong.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: More Than Positive Thinking

Denise defines the needs of our mindset battles—which require more than positive thinking. Using Philippians 4:8, she powerfully sets forth the prescription for a right mind as defined in God’s Word. 

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Seeing Through a Glass Half Full

Denise continues the conversation of making up our minds as the publication date for her new book “Make Up Your Mind” draws nearer. In today’s episode, she shares five powerful ways to embrace an abundance mindset.