WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: How to Turn Religion into Reality

Is there joy in your life? Peace? Hope? Favor? Sweetness? To really enjoy your relationship with God and turn your religion into reality, there are some great truths to follow. Discover these truths today with Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Help for Mamas Who Are Sick of Dieting

Becky and our guest, Laura Acuña, share their stories of battling body image and yo-yo dieting that left them feeling defeated…and even impacted their families. Listen in as we dive into this important topic of understanding the roots of disordered eating and turn to the hope found in God’s Word.

TORCHBEARERS: How to Stay on Fire for God

There is a common myth among believers that being on fire for God only happens for a short season after our conversion to Christ. The truth is that we are meant to burn with passion for the Lord continually, but this won’t happen by accident. In this episode, Jake shares five keys for staying on fire for God. As we put these principles into practice, we can maintain a lifestyle of fiery devotion to God!

THE SHARON BOLAN SHOW: Feast of Tabernacles

The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is the last and greatest of God’s Feast days. It is a time of celebration, joy, and glory. Find out the importance of this season as it pertains to your life in today’s episode.

PASTOR TALK: Faith and Personality

Listen in to the LifePoint pastors as they address tough questions and discuss relevant topics. Join Pastor Joe and Pastor Blake as they talk about how faith and personality come together in the life of the believer.

WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Love. What’s love got to do with it all anyway? It’s sometimes a difficult concept to grasp. Especially God’s love. Have you really experienced the amazing love of God? Do you grasp how much He loves you? Let’s talk about this today with Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God.

THE SHARON BOLAN SHOW: The Dry Bones will Live

Are you facing a valley in which all hope seems lost? Has the promise and dream died? Be encouraged! God is about to bring a resurrection but He requires you to do something first. Find out in today’s compelling message!

LIV2DAY: God’s Potential Within You

None of us can claim that we have not been given a calling from God. The Bible tells us that all believers have a part to play in her kingdom of God. And gifts are varied. Do u know what ur spiritual gift is?

THE SHARON BOLAN SHOW: Fitted for the Promise

Have you wondered why the circumstances of your life seem to be in direct opposition to the promise that God gave you? In today’s episode, find out how God uses difficult circumstances to fit you into your destiny.

WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: You Can Find Freedom from Fear!

So many people are filled with fear today. They are anxious, stressed, and concerned about the future. Let’s talk about how you can find freedom from fear with Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God today. Learn some practical ways to defeat the spirit of fear that’s stealing your joy and peace!


Did you know that you are a creator? In today’s powerful episode, Sharon shares how God has placed His Spirit within you, and when you speak, your words have to power to create something out of nothing!