Vestibule of the Apocalypse

Religious cults and progressive social movements share the same ethos, language, and expectation that our unbridled fears should be allowed to write the story of our future demise.

A Prophetic Review: 2019

So what does this mean for the average Christian? Why should we care if people want to believe aliens exist?

A Great Earthquake: Part 2

To the Christian, the complexity and specifics that make up this prophecy show us that this is more than a historically significant book.

Intro to Himitsu

An introduction to Himitsu, a podcast focusing on apologetics, bible studies, and current events from a biblical perspective. Learn what Himitsu is and some of the subjects that will be discussed in this podcast.

The Setting Aligns

The Bible portrays the End Times as a period of technological advancement, and the world described sounds eerily familiar. Whereas most of the Scriptures require a historical context for understanding, the Apocalyptic verse could be current news headlines. As the hour grows late, the setting aligns to our world.