Welcome to the second part of the Camino Cowboys with Jacob Gallardo, Shaun Hiller, Jess Norman, and Velvet Thunder. The crew picks right back up where they left off in part I, and you are sure to be blessed by the stories they share!

LIV2DAY: God’s Potential Within You

None of us can claim that we have not been given a calling from God. The Bible tells us that all believers have a part to play in her kingdom of God. And gifts are varied. Do u know what ur spiritual gift is?

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Driven by the Lord – Why we left Statesboro…

God has assignments for us.  These assignments will turn out to be “seasons” in our lives.  Seasons don’t last forever, but God is in control of every season and all our circumstances! God is writing the story of your life. He writes the plans that He has for you by depositing dreams in your heart.

WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: You Can Find Freedom from Fear!

So many people are filled with fear today. They are anxious, stressed, and concerned about the future. Let’s talk about how you can find freedom from fear with Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God today. Learn some practical ways to defeat the spirit of fear that’s stealing your joy and peace!

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Prayers of Rest – with Asheritah Ciuciu

Do you feel too busy to pray? Then you’re invited to find REST in God’s loving presence. Today’s guest, Asheritah Ciuciu, offers you a respite from your spiritual to-do list in her book, Prayers of Rest: 365 Prompts to Hear God’s Voice.  

MOVING ON AGAIN PODCAST: Shaun and Jacob, the Camino Cowboys (Part 1)

This is a really important show for the crew as they interview their inner circle on the 45-day spiritual journey they experienced in Spain. Enjoy hearing of their extreme strength as they pushed back against temptations to quit, relish in their sweet stories and all of the emotion that comes with it when discussing humanity and spirituality across the world. 

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: When Postpartum Hits Hard – with Ashley Hudson

Postpartum depression is considered the number one complication of childbirth. Listen in as we dive into these very real issues and how they can affect us and those we love. Ashley Hudson, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, joins us for a very real, practical episode. “You deserve to feel better.”

LIV2DAY: Reclaiming What the New Age Has Stolen

It’s important that believers know what New Ageism is referring to, and the distinct differences between that teaching and that of the God of Abraham, the God of the Bible. In this episode, Dr. Paula tackles this topic head-on, without hesitation, and with a conviction and boldness that is much-needed in these times.

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: When Our Eyes Adjust to the Light

Today we chat a bit about the vision I shared a couple of episodes ago about stepping into the Light. Everything looks difference once our eyes adjust to the brightness. We see things we never knew were there before. And we find that even in the darkness, God never left our side.


Oh man, they’re back, and have they missed you!  Please enjoy as Jay and Jess return to the mics for this, the most anticipated season, Season 6 of the new and improved Moving On Again Podcast! 

LIV2DAY: Prayer and Meditation” + Ask Dr. Paula! on Brain Health

What is prayer? The act of prayer is an open, willing heartfelt conversation with God, thanking Him for what He has done in my life and others around me. And daily prayer doesn’t have to be long, drawn-out, or difficult. Once I recognize and give God my gratitude, I can entirely focus on my request and petitions.


Janet talks about the new things that God is doing! Sometimes God is at work right in front of you, but you can’t see it because you’ve been spending time looking in the rearview mirror.  God goes BEFORE YOU. He leads you FORWARD, not backward.