Anthony Ingram

Christian Healing: Biblical Foundations

It should be clear from the most basic reading of the Old Testament prophecies that healing was part of the atonement of the Messiah, because as sin is dealt with, so are its effects.

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

It is our job to be the ones who bring heaven to earth in our generation so that the mission of Kingdom expansion continues!

Kingdom Ambassadors

Jesus was training the disciples to understand Heaven’s culture and to live their lives in the reality of this kingdom.

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Jesus declared that His victory in the battle was final and that He, now, has all the authority in creation.

A New Kingdom

His Spirit came to live inside of us, while our spirits have ascended to sit with Him in heaven.

When Heaven Came Down

God had other plans for how to house His Spirit in the earth, and it all began with Jesus!

The Promise of Heaven’s Return

Despite all the promises and all the forward motion set in place through these events and achievements, sin still reigned in the hearts and minds of men.

When Heaven Departed

As mankind turned their loyalty to Satan, through a rejection of God’s Word, their dominion in the earth was taken over by him.

The Emotional Qualifications for Leadership

Within the church, where leaders are supposed to hold to the word of God with a clear conscience, it is difficult to teach people the truth, when our words and actions do not demonstrate them.