Anna Kettle

Aging Well

I don’t want to buy into the lie that external appearance is the most defining feature of a person, or that aging is something to despise.

On Being Still

It’s very easy to start feeling like the lack of forward momentum or breakthrough is because of something you are not doing…

Dealing with Disappointment in God

In God’s presence, I often find that things begin to be set right again,
and all of my anger, bitterness, sadness, and unanswered questions begin to subside.

On (Over) Busyness: How to Step Away

When we’re too busy, we tend not to make time for proper self-reflection, for processing our thoughts and feelings and fail to grow as a result.

How Grief Can be Transforming

As we choose to draw close to ‘the God of all comfort’, we open ourselves up to discovering that the God of all comfort is drawing near too.

Embracing the Season

There is a time and a purpose for every season because every season prepares the way for the next one.

Negotiating a New Normal

While everything is slowly reopening and life is steadily inching back towards something that more closely resembles ‘normal’, there’s also this general sense that some of the changes to how we work, shop, and socialize are here to stay.