Living Up to Your Potential

As guardian angels, we work with our assignments. If they ask or seek our help through prayer, we assist however we can to safeguard them.

The Christmas Story: Angels

His tiny tears brought broad smiles to Mary and Joseph, but their joy was overmatched by the hosts of heaven. Angels danced suspended in the air.

The Christmas Story: Gabriel

They are the messengers of God visiting human beings with the knowledge of the mind of God. In the Gospels, they are vital to the ministry of Jesus.

The Christmas Story: Elizabeth

Six months into Elizabeth’s pregnancy, her young cousin, Mary, came for a visit. Neighbors caught a glimpse of the older woman as Mary approached the house.

Is That One Mine or Yours? Guardian Angels

I have had to scratch my head in confusion when it comes to individual guardian angels and the idea that each person has an angel of his or her own. Does Scripture really talk about that?