Amie ROgers

DARE 2 HEAR: You Will See Me in 2023 – with Amie Rogers

Amie Rogers joins me today on the podcast to discuss the Word the Lord spoke to her for 2023. The Lord spoke that 2023 would be a year where we will see Him. A Tipping Point has come as we have stepped into a New Era, and we are called to make room for Him.

DARE 2 HEAR: Chosen For More – with Amber Albee-Swenson

As we read the pages of Scripture we must keep in mind that God chooses to use ordinary everyday people. It’s a recurring theme in Scripture and Amber dives into the lives of 5 individuals who may have seen themselves as ordinary, YET God CHOSE them for more. And He chooses you for more as well.

DARE 2 HEAR: Angels of Fire

What are angels? How can we partner with them to usher in God’s glory and the end-time revival? Are there different types of angels? Is there a hierarchy of angels? What are ascension angels?

DARE 2 HEAR: Tipping Point – with Amie Rogers

The Tipping Point on the earth is the pouring out of Heaven! This is but one of the powerful lines in a prophetic word released by my friend Amie Rogers. Join us today as Amie shares this powerful word and we discuss what it means to be at the “tipping point”  

Justice = Just Us

What Heaven’s Justice has stamped, cannot–and will not–be brought back to the courts again! It IS a done deal!