THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: American vs Australian English with @Aussie English

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT with Camille and Calvin Hanson VIDEO PODCAST Pete with @Aussie English and I discuss the similarities and differences between American and Australian English. We look at the pronunciation, the slang, the cultures, and the spelling differences. If you are trying to decide between Australian or American English (USA), this video will help […]

The Cure for Uncertain Times

I don’t always know what is right, and I don’t always know what is wrong, but I do know I serve a God who knows all things.

Cultural Views of Success

Ultimately, we don’t need an American view or a French view of success, we need a Godly view of success.

The Burden of Thinking

Paying attention is the tuition fee I give the world for tutoring me, and in turn, I sharpen my own spiritual perception because God made this world I’m observing.

A New American Identity: Part 1

After Juny’s ceremony, Holy Spirit presented the perfect comparison. There was the expectation for her to hold up the U.S. Constitution. But how ridiculous would it be if she spent the rest of her life carrying around her old green card?