Along the Way

ALONG THE WAY: Dignity Revolution – Bob Lenz

Episode #54 – Since 1983, Bob Lenz has combined his love of Live Concerts, Community Outreach, and the Love of Jesus for some of the biggest Christian music events in the nation. His passion to see a dignity revolution change our youth has opened doors to amazing opportunities to promote value, courage, and respect.

ALONG THE WAY: You Can’t Outsource Compassion – with Dave Donaldson

Dave Donaldson was nine years old when his father was tragically killed by a drunk driver and his mother severely injured when a family showed compassion and took Dave and his siblings to live with them. Compassion has been Dave’s heart cry, and he has been led by Trusting and Obeying God.

ALONG THE WAY: The Influencer Impact – with Maria Armstrong

Maria Armstrong was living in a dark place away from God when a friend invited her to church. That simple invitation drastically changed the course of her life. Now Maria is inviting people to meet Jesus through her platform as a social media influencer.

ALONG THE WAY: The Red Sea Miracle – Tim Mahoney is BACK

Tim Mahoney’s search for Patterns of Evidence is far from complete. His latest films present the 2 major views of the Red Sea Miracle and follow the evidence where it leads. Was the miracle of the Red Sea parting really as epic as portrayed by Cecil B. DeMille??? Follow filmmaker Tim Mahoney as he reveals the Patterns of Evidence he has discovered along his way.

ALONG THE WAY: Acoustic Truth – Ryan and Sarah Knott’s Journey

Episode #40 – When Ryan & Sarah met interning at a camp for kids with special needs they weren’t planning on music being their passion or path in life but they found their voice in each other’s harmonies. Acoustic Truth has been making music ever since and bringing hope to the hurting through song.

ALONG THE WAY: From Failure to The Chosen with Dallas Jenkins

Episode #33 – Dallas Jenkins dreamed of making it big in Hollywood but when his big break bombed God spoke to him “It’s not your job to feed the 5000, it’s your job to provide the fish.” Hear how failure led Dallas to create the largest ever crowdfunded media project, “The Chosen”

ALONG THE WAY: Making His LifeMark – Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron is known for his roles in Growing Pains, Left Behind, Fireproof, and more. He discusses his latest project with the Kendrick Brother’s team to make the film “LifeMark.” LifeMark highlights the beauty of adoption, the power of choice, and why life matters.

ALONG THE WAY: Positive Self Talk – Dr. Ray Self

From sailboats to business to ministry to college founder, when Dr. Ray Self encountered the Holy Spirit, his life drastically changed, and he has never turned back. His wisdom is shared through his “Self Talk” podcast and the International College of Ministry.