Alan Kearns

Focussed on Christ

It occurred to me how much little old me could achieve for God’s Kingdom if I had the full weight of His Word and Peace.

A True Man of Prayer

Prayer to our Father God does not work if we are harbouring unrepented sin in the background.

Jehovah Raah/Rohi – The Lord Is My Shepherd

And guided them in the wilderness like a flock; He led them safely, so that they did not fear; But the sea engulfed their enemies. So He brought them to His holy land, To this hill country which His right hand had gained. He also drove out the nations before them And apportioned them for […]

Lost Sheep

It is the duty of the whole fellowship to care for each other.

Stumbling Blocks

Sometimes God has taken my stumbling block and turned it into a foundation stone for work to His glory.

Going Where He Leads

Not only did God hear Israel’s prayer, but He went with Him, promising to keep His covenant with Israel’s family.

Reading My Bible

I certainly would encourage you to slow down, don’t be tempted to rush.

Is it Karma?

Life is not a random set of circumstances determined by fate each day; fate and karma are empty words with no operator behind them.

Jehovah Jireh

The only answer Abraham had for his son was one of faith in God.