SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Value of Wrinkles – Part 2

The Bible gives great worth to those who are older. But our society does not always recognize the incredible value in those who have gained much wisdom in all their years. Listen in as Denise continues to discuss the importance of relationships with elderly people in our lives with Isabel Tom, author of “The Value of Wrinkles.” 


It’s hard not to think about how I’d planned for my life to go and what is actually playing out in front of me.

Light Pollution

Episode #97 – If we want to see God, we’re going to have to deal with the light pollution keeping God’s light from getting to our souls.

36 Years Old and Still Barren

Many have asked if I have been dreading this day or if I am bummed to be another year older while still trying to fulfill a dream.

Because I’m Free

Jesus has faithfully, ever so lovingly and patiently, taken me by the hand and led me out. He guided me through that hurricane, into sunshine.

Walking Wobbly in this World

Coming to grips with weakness and aging and mortality can produce a perspective that has been fine-tuned and deep and rich.