Enneagram Eight, Now What?

My heart was exposed on a computer screen, and for a little while, I wasn’t sure I wanted anyone to know I was an Eight. How could I be in that category?

Go Back to the Beginning

I believe that it becomes so easy to get caught up in all of the work for the Kingdom that you forget the beginning of your love affair with Jesus.

How to Find a Mentoring Relationship

Mentoring… What is mentoring really? Why is it such a powerful thing? Where do you find mentors? Discover how to begin a mentoring relationship.

#BodGoals: A Social Media Hot Take

I realized that I was being consumed by social media and what I was seeing to an unhealthy level. What I was seeing on social media was consuming my every thought.

Powerful Words: Affirmative Worship

When we spend time in worship, we allow our hearts to become pliable. God has room and time to change us. We slow a song down to let the words sink in and simmer, and then, once we have grasped (as best as a human can) God’s message to us, we bring our proclamations back to a roar.