DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Spring Garden Preparation

Join us for ideas for planting a well-producing, sustainable family garden. Get the March spring to-do preparation list. Learn four ways to keep Monsanto out of your garden, and how to build a durable wind and weather-resistant trellis. Listen now!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: How to Get Your Spouse to Open Up to You

Having a spouse who doesn’t easily share with you can be challenging. It can feel so personal and make you wonder why they don’t want to talk to you or maybe why they don’t trust you enough to share with you. It might surprise you to know that often their lack of sharing has nothing to do with you!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Sex in the Empty Nest

Do you ever wonder if great sex and intimacy will still be possible once the kids are grown and out of the house? The answer is YES! But maybe you’re finding yourself in the empty nest, and it’s feeling a lot emptier in the bedroom, and you need some hope.

FASHION MEETS FAITH: I Love These 5 Accessories!

In this video, I’ll walk you through the 5 Must Have Accessories you need that will go well with any outfit! With these 5 accessories, you’ll always be ready to walk out the door looking fantastic with little effort.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Bad Reasons to Divorce

Are you struggling in your marriage and unsure if it’s time to call it quits or not? While divorce can be biblical and can be protective, it’s not meant for every situation. There are many marriage problems that can be fixed and redeemed, so before you decide to pull the plug on your marriage, give this episode a listen and see if there might be another solution.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Must Have Marriage Habits

It’s very likely that you have a bunch of little habits in your life that are shaping your marriage that you may not even be aware of. Join us on this episode to learn new and intentional habits for your marriage, habits that will help it become the marriage you desire.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: What Is a Mother To Do? – with Nicki Truesdell

Mothers have a crucial role to play in society, although their job doesn’t always feel very “crucial.” Wiping baby faces, repeating instructions, settling squabbles, and making food is repetitive and don’t always seem important. When we read news headlines, follow politics, and really know the state of the world, big important things seem out of our hands. But they are not.

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Winter Casual Outfits with Teaching Moments

In this video, I will walk you through different ways to wear casual outfits in the Winter. These women are just like you so you can do it too! They are following ideas from our closet outfit planner and tips from other videos like this on my channel! So watch to dress casually and still look great this Winter!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Spiritual Leadership

“My husband isn’t a spiritual leader.” “He never prays with me.” “He won’t do a devotion with the kids or me.” Listen in as we talk about personalities, giftedness, growth, and how they all matter when it comes to spiritual leadership.