ONE VOICE PODCAST: God is Able to do MORE than you Fathom

All of your disappointments have led you to where you are now. You are called to join God with what HE is doing!   And if He is doing something ABUNDANT AND MORE…then so will YOU! God has something MORE for you…something good in your life, in your destiny.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Driven by the Lord – Why we left Statesboro…

God has assignments for us.  These assignments will turn out to be “seasons” in our lives.  Seasons don’t last forever, but God is in control of every season and all our circumstances! God is writing the story of your life. He writes the plans that He has for you by depositing dreams in your heart.


Janet talks about the new things that God is doing! Sometimes God is at work right in front of you, but you can’t see it because you’ve been spending time looking in the rearview mirror.  God goes BEFORE YOU. He leads you FORWARD, not backward.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God Will Carry ALL Your Burdens

Today I believe you will be inspired by the Word of God. It is so powerful.  You know, from time to time, we ALL can feel “heavy” and “weighed down” by the trials of life.  But this is why we have the Body of Christ, the Word of God, and the sweet Holy Spirit!  We can get through anything  TOGETHER when we trust the Lord AND  LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Redeeming the Time!

The Bible says that we should pay close attention to the way we walk and live our lives.  We only have a little time here on the earth, and it’s important HOW you live it as a Christian. 


God is saying there is glory just around the corner! God will get the glory out of your story and your life!  Keep a pure heart, keep a good attitude and find meaning in Jesus. Then you will see HIM at work!

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Awaken to Purpose with Pamela Christian

Episode #34 – Pamela Christian is a powerful voice with her pulse clearly on the heart of God. Her determination and resolute faith through severe financial difficulty and a brush with death through sudden cardiac arrest will inspire you to get unstuck from the impact of adversity and live as an overcomer.

3 Ways God Can Use Adversity

I think questions are natural, especially when it comes to adversity. In the moment, it’s hard to see how God could possibly use this for good.

It’s Already Better

Nobody wants to endure pain, but the pain is necessary to make us stronger. You have endured or may be enduring a lot, but you are still here!

The Struggle Is Real

He is not letting you drown. He is letting you go through a metamorphosis of your own, a process.

Going Rogue

Mulan chooses, not surprisingly, to defy orders…she musters up insane courage, goes rogue, breaks the rules, and saves China.