As If the Only One

Embedded within our primal desire to be known and loved, is our desire to belong and to matter.

Giving Thanks to God at All Times

Day 330-331 of Bible Reading Plan – Knowing God is not a religion. It is not a list of dos and don’ts. It is a relationship. Living in a covenant relationship with our Maker will require us to live differently. It means we acknowledge Him in all of our life, giving thanks to God for His forgiveness and acceptance of us, as well as for all His provision and protection.

The Lie of Tolerance

Day 316 of Bible Reading Plan – Acceptance is a beautiful thing—but what about tolerance? How do we handle unbiblical standards in the church today? The word tolerance is used a lot today, but what are we tolerating? And what are we not tolerating? The lie of tolerance is revealed in its fruit.

Re-gifting at Christmas: Generosity

Episode #97 – When God has been so generous with us, we have so many opportunities to do the same. Listen in as Denise and Angela share how to re-gift generosity.

Give Yourself a Pat

Criticism has slowly allowed our culture to accept judging as the latest fashion trend. I’d like to think otherwise. It’s time for a pat on the back.


Remember, He sees everything, knows our longings, disappointments, and victories. He will see your ‘offering’ anywhere you go or any place you stay.

Why You Are Worthy To Attend Church

Nobody should feel like they cannot show up to church because they don’t have nice enough clothes to wear or they are stuck in a lifestyle of sin but don’t know how to get out. Come anyway.

The Kingdom Without Isms

Our society has broken into warring political and collective camps. People are no longer identified as individuals but by beliefs and/or demographics. Group membership and identity are more important than individual actions.

For the First Time

Hearing something over and over again since childhood, whether we like to admit it or not, can often make it feel watered down to us. The wonder of Jesus is not lost on me, and I often get emotional reading certain passages…But I just wish that I could taste it fresh for the first time, ya know?