Denise will focus on the topic of joy and how this is such a source of hope for believers in Christ. Listen in as she talks about defining joy: what it is. . . and what it isn’t. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God of Multiplication

In this episode you will hear an encouraging word that  God is not wanting to destroy you,  nor put sickness on you,  steal from you, take away from you or leave you depressed, desolate, and alone! No! God is a God of multiplication and He’s wanting to add and multiply in your life, not subtract and divide.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God Has Something Better

You don’t choose your assignments but they choose you! All of your disappointments have led you to where you are now.  You are called to greatness!  God has something GREATER…something BETTER in your life, in your destiny. GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING GREATER THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Living Unbroken (Part 2) – with Tracie Miles

As we wrap up the month, Denise continues her conversation with Tracie Miles regarding her latest book, Living Unbroken: Reclaiming Your Life and your Heart After Divorce. Listen in as they dive into 4 steps to healing from depression that can set in when living through the pain of a divorce.  

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Are Jewish Holiday’s For Christians? – with Dr. Candice Smithyman

We are starting the new year of the Jewish Calendar, and she explained in detail what the fall holidays mean! Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Feast of Tabernacles. These are appointed seasons of God, and Dr. Candice explains in this podcast the power of observing these holidays and the freedom and blessings they will bring upon you and your family!  

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Debra’s Story of Hope in the Darkness

You will hear the powerful story of how Debra found HOPE in the middle of darkness even when her darkness was created by her own choices in life. She played the fool and danced with the world and caressed the voices in her head that whispered lies from the pits of hell.  Debra believed the lies and allowed herself to walk down a road of addiction, partying, pain and darkness.