We’ve become so addicted to mental stimulation and busyness that we don’t realize how distracted we are until we try to settle down and exhale. We are constantly going. Planning. Working. Shopping. Scrolling. Inhaling every tidbit of information thrown at us through social media, online searches, and news. Today, the Lord invites you to exhale with Him.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God of Multiplication

In this episode you will hear an encouraging word that  God is not wanting to destroy you,  nor put sickness on you,  steal from you, take away from you or leave you depressed, desolate, and alone! No! God is a God of multiplication and He’s wanting to add and multiply in your life, not subtract and divide.

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: When Our Eyes Adjust to the Light

Today we chat a bit about the vision I shared a couple of episodes ago about stepping into the Light. Everything looks difference once our eyes adjust to the brightness. We see things we never knew were there before. And we find that even in the darkness, God never left our side.

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: Everything is Changing

The Lord gave me a vision for His beloved bride. A door has opened to us and He is inviting us to step in, baggage and all. This is a life-transforming encounter for us that will change the way we look at everything in our lives.


The Lord recently took me into a vision where I saw a tidal wave of healing being released to the body of Christ. Emotional wounds, soul wounds, and places that have held trauma are going to receive profound healing.

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: A Prophetic Word Regarding Breakthrough

God is inviting us into a new season. For some, it has to do with natural shifts–jobs, relationships, living situations, etc. It also pertains to a new depth of intimacy with the Lord. Whether you have felt stuck in the mundaneness of life, been overwhelmed with busyness, or are in a time of comfort and peace, this word is for you.


Today I share an easy and powerful tool that tunes you back into God’s presence, where He offers perfect peace. This is something you can do throughout the day to help you de-stress. I think you’ll love it!

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: Finding His Face in the Darkness

This is part two of living in face-to-face relationship with the Lord. Through an encounter in Exodus 33, I was ushered into a new understanding of the power of His presence in the midst of darkness. I pray this episode will be a blessing to you!