THE DEPOT PODCAST: Is All That You Do Worth It? (Acts 14)

Facing persecution, including harassment and stoning, was something the early disciples experienced. Yet, they didn’t let any of it stop them from sharing the Good News. They persevered at all costs because everything they did for the Gospel was worth it. Every life, every healing, every miracle, every new church birthed…all of it was worth it because they knew it was what they were called to do.

John’s Gospel: Friends

Obedience to the commands of Christ connects us to like-minded, like-hearted brothers and sisters.

Staying in the Sweet Zone

Day 261 of Bible Reading Plan – We need to be in relationship with God and cry out for help to live this life. We need to ask for wisdom, too, as Solomon did.

Living What We Believe: Faith in Action

Day 259 of Bible Reading Plan – Christians, how we live really matters. The world has seen enough people who proclaim that they believe in Jesus yet do not live out what they say they believe. Living what we believe is about so much more than rules. It is faith in action and informs how we think and act.

Applying The Shears

In very difficult times, it’s tempting to think we are being punished for something and that God is reacting to events as we are. However, He is actually our loving Vinedresser, concerned with making us bear good fruit even in the midst of worldly chaos.

The Truth That Heals

We are immersed in a culture that says the truth is whatever we want it to be, and self-centered living is the key to freedom. God tells us it’s His truth that convicts and actually sets us free to live fruitful and abundant lives.

Not So Glamorous Summer

We aren’t doing much this summer, not compared to everyone else. I sit and scroll through endless social media posts of people and families enjoying their vacations and I feel like the most boring person ever.