Johnny Enlow’s Prophetic Decode: Swiss Skydiver the Filly Wins the Preakness!

Be the Secretariat/Ekklesia, dare the devil to try to even show up, and win the big race.

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Saturday, the final race of the Triple Crown was run and 11-1 odds Swiss Skydiver edged out Authentic by a nose, thus becoming the first filly in 11 years to win such as race. Jesus’ Team, a 40-1 odds horse, came in third place. So our 3 winners of the big races were Tiz the Law, Authenticity, and Swiss Skydiver. Here is a quick decode.


While the first two winners of the season make easy sense, it takes a little more digging on this one. Swiss Skydiver was named after owner Peter Callahan’s eldest granddaughter (the eldest of 7 grandchildren) who shocked him by skydiving into the Swiss Alps about the time this horse was born. Imagine A GIRL dropping from the sky onto the supreme skiing mountains! Amy Coney Barrett is the eldest of 7 children and has 7 children—and has just skydived from heaven onto the beautiful mountains of justice.


I just released a word a few days ago that told of Secretariat being a type of the Ekklesia (worth reading to complete this word) that breaks the spirit of Sham. Swiss Skydiver’s pedigree is that she is the daughter of Daresthedevil and descends from Secretariat! I may not even need to interpret that one. What has not been highlighted is that she ran the Preakness yesterday in the second-fastest time EVER for the Preakness, with the all-time record still being set by Secretariat in 1973. In my write-up on the Kentucky Derby won by Authentic I also pointed an accompanying race called the Kentucky Oaks that had been run by a filly names Shedaresthedevil. The horse she beat out was this very Swiss Skydiver horse who came in second. For some reason, she ran in the fillies-only Kentucky Oaks instead of the Kentucky Derby taking on the boys. Now as the only filly in the Preakness she beat all the boys! Shedaresthedevil and Swiss Skydiver share the same mom Daresthedevil. These dare-the-devil fillies are no joke!


This of course in an easy decode. In horse racing, the top three are all considered winners of some sort or another and all others are “off the board.” The top three go by WIN, PLACE, and SHOW. That is the winning combination. The dare-the-devil, skydiving daughters of the King, come in authenticity and SHOW the King. A ballyhooed horse named Thousand Words that was knocked out right before the Kentucky Derby also gets knocked off the board on this race. The kingdom of God comes not in words but in power. Fake media loses, fake Christianity loses. The Ekklesia must start from being seated in heavenly places—but then move to skydiving onto the mountains of influence and authentically reveal who Jesus is.


11 is a very significant number speaking of the prophetic—the 11th-hour intervention. Psalm 11:1 says, “I trust in the Lord for protection, So why do you say to me, Fly like a bird TO THE MOUNTAINS for safety.” Luke 11:1 is where the disciples ask of Jesus “Teach us to pray.” Put all of this together and we have a filly being a game-changer “on the mountains”—being representative of someone like Amy Coney Barrett, but also of the church right now stepping into an Esther role of interceding from a high governmental place for the destruction of Haman. That same Psalm 11 says in verse 3, “The foundations of law and order have collapsed. What can the righteous do?” followed by, “the Lord still rules from heaven,” with the chapter ending in, “The righteous LORD LOVES JUSTICE.” Only those “seated with Christ in heavenly places” can “skydive” and bring “on earth as it is in heaven.” Even as our President sits in a place of recovery and we go into the last 30 days of the most important election in world history this is what we now must commit to as never before. Pray FROM a governmental place and pray INTO governmental settings—and as many are doing, pray IN governmental settings. BE the Secretariat/Ekklesia, DARE the devil to try to even show up, and WIN the big race. Especially you kingdom “fillies” who have often been overlooked and placed in lesser races—know your Esther place of privilege and authority and save the day. The future of America and the world itself is being shifted by you. Secretariat or Big Red, as he was called, is in your veins. He is the head of the Ekklesia and you now can run the “second fastest” ever.

This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Restore 7

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