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Supernatural interventions will turn the evil game plan of the enemy against him and his minions.

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I have been having dreams of late that reveal supernatural interventions from Heaven in the affairs of nations. Last night was the most dramatic dream yet. What I saw caused me to gasp in my sleep. My gasp was so strong that I was awakened.

I don’t have permission to share the details of these interventions for a variety of reasons. One reason is that these interventions have taken place in private, out of the view of the public eye. To reveal the details would put individuals in jeopardy who have yielded to the voice of God at great risk to their safety. These supernatural interventions will turn the evil game plan of the enemy against him and his minions. In the coming days, some of these interventions will be made known. We will witness victories of strategic spiritual warfare that will enlarge our faith in God and His ability to accomplish His will no matter how challenging or desperate a situation might appear.

Angelic warring hosts, unexpected supernatural interventions, and Damascus Road-like experiences are being used by the Lord to intervene and dismantle the plans of darkness. Do not lose hope. Contend, pray, and believe. Your faith is making a difference.


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