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God is about to attack the thing that is wanting to attack you.

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I recently had a significant prophetic dream that I believe is personal to my wife and me but is also for many in the body of Christ. In the dream, I was walking with my wife, Autumn, through a desert. There were other people around us but we did not know them. As we were walking, we came to a large dune of sand where we had to walk up a steep hill for quite some time. However, when we got near the top of the hill of sand, I could see an orange cone that I knew in the dream was some kind of marker indicating the ending of one part of our journey and the beginning of the next. All of the people who had been walking with us were still there.

Before we reached the top where the cone was sitting, we looked behind us and saw something just barely underneath the surface of the sand coming toward us. I knew in the dream whatever it was wanted to attack us in order to harm us. When we were about 10 feet away from the cone and the thing under the surface was only about 10 feet away from us, a tornado of sand swirled in front of us between where we were standing and where the thing beneath the surface was. Then out of the whirlwind of sand, a huge black snake burst through the sand and attacked what was coming toward us. This snake suddenly stopped whatever was beneath the surface from attacking us.

I knew even in the dream that if there could be a good snake, this one was it. I also knew in the dream that this snake was a kingsnake. From growing up on a farm, I remembered that kingsnakes are non-poisonous to humans and will kill and eat other pests like rodents and other poisonous snakes. Growing up, my dad would always tell me not to kill a kingsnake if I came across one because they will take care of the other pests on your property if you leave them alone. Now that the kingsnake had suddenly stopped what wanted to attack us, Autumn and I joined hands and started walking the rest of the way up the hill and past the cone. Everyone around us passed the cone as well and then I woke up from the dream.

When I received this prophetic dream and God began to give me the interpretation, I knew this was a much-needed word for Autumn and me. However, the more the Lord revealed to me about this dream I knew it was also a prophetic word for so many other believers in this season. This prophetic word is for those who have been walking with God towards what He has for you for what seems like a long time. At times you may have even felt like your journey to your destiny has been an uphill battle. And now, you may even be under attack as you finally approach your breakthrough, just like we were so close to the cone before the thing beneath the surface started coming after us in the dream. However, the good news is that God is about to attack the thing that is wanting to attack you. In this season, you will see the Lord fight for you and bring the enemy that is pursuing you to a sudden stop! God is going to defeat anything and everything that may be trying to sneak up on you and keep you from reaching your next season! In the dream, I believe that tornado of sand that swirled up before the snake burst through the surface is all of those prophetic words God has spoken over your life and they are about to suddenly be swept into manifestation so that the Lord can suddenly stop what wants to stop you.

This is your season of breakthrough. If you feel as if something has been coming after you and there have been setbacks and roadblocks in your way, you are about to see those plans of the enemy suddenly stopped. You will enter into your new season, you will get your breakthrough and you will reach your God-given destiny! Get ready for what has attempted to stop you to be suddenly stopped!


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