Stripping Distractions of Their Power

Quiet your mind and heart in His Presence and reestablish that strained connection between you and Him.

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When the Holy Spirit began to speak to me as a young man and He began to direct me in certain paths, it was only then that I became extremely aware that there were things constantly attempting to knock me off of the course that He had set for me.

These things were attempts by outside sources to distract, derail, or disrupt the direction that the Still Small Voice of His Spirit was telling me to go in. So many times (it was so very subtle, too), it didn’t at all seem disruptive at first, until the next thing I knew, I was caught up in something much larger than I thought it was.

A distraction is only a distraction once it gets your attention. Something that cannot get your attention doesn’t qualify as a true distraction or a temptation, and if it can’t take your attention away, it can’t take you off of the Path that the Holy Spirit has put you on.

As we continue to learn from the Holy Spirit, His Voice continues to lead us until all of the other voices start sounding more like background noise than anything else. Now, do we hear Him perfectly all the time? No. But as we continue to practice hearing Him more and more each day, His voice will eventually become the only voice that sways us in any particular direction!

“The Lord God has given me the tongue of a disciple and one who is taught that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. HE WAKENS ME MORNING BY MORNING HE WAKENS MY EAR TO HEAR AS A DISCIPLE.” Isaiah 50:4

As a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit will consistently teach and train us how to become the one who hears His Voice and does the same things that the Father is doing. So He will continue to teach us and train us as we endeavor to walk the course that He’s placed us in.

“So Jesus answered them by saying, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, THE SON IS ABLE TO DO NOTHING OF HIMSELF (of His own accord); BUT HE IS ABLE TO DO ONLY WHAT HE SEES THE FATHER DOING, FOR WHATEVER THE FATHER DOES IS WHAT THE SON DOES IN THE SAME WAY [in His turn].” John 5:19

I encourage you if you feel plagued by constant distractions which are attempting to take you off His course for your life, quiet your mind and heart in His Presence and reestablish that strained connection between you and Him.

As His Voice directs you, He will carefully place you back upon the path again as He teaches you as a disciple, and then you can watch as all of the distractions become background noise in your life once more!!


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