We are all linked together because of Jesus; the One that died for us and knows everything we have experienced.

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God bless you today! Everything is going to be ok. God will answer your prayers. Hold on, He loves you and hears your petitions. Keep seeking and drawing near to Him. He hears you. 

I just had a strong feeling to say that. I was in the midst of writing something else when I started receiving the above words. Maybe it was for certain ones of you. The great God of the universe wanted you to know. Wow, isn’t it wonderful He cares! 

We go through things that we don’t understand and wonder does God really care? Does He understand? We are not alone. His disciples, while on a boat crossing the lake of Galilee, asked the same question. The scriptures state a furious storm (hurricane proportions), arose while they were crossing to the other side. It was severe enough for the disciples, experienced fishermen, to panic. Their question, “Lord, do you not care we are perishing?”* have rung true for centuries. Many, if not all of us have when under pressure for a prayer to be answered, felt our own panic or desperation. I have. With Corona Virus or Covid-19 being household words with the restrictions, masks, fears, loss of employment, social distancing, and even deaths, our lives have been dramatically changed. 

Even before Covid-19 my anxiety for prayers to be answered ranged from not having enough money for the bills to be paid (utilities, house payment, groceries, clothes) to sickness and disease in the family and myself… and death of family members. In each desperate time of clinging to Him, an amazing thing happened, I learned to love Him more. He always came through on the bills. Our needs were met, we did not miss a meal or end up on the street, even though those were the images that came to me. The sicknesses were healed or the reason for their occurrences were found out and the deaths had their own miracles of which I will share in later writings.

So, why do I tell you this? As I said at the beginning of this message, God hears you and will answer. However, sometimes it appears that He didn’t hear since the answer didn’t happen as we hoped. This is one of the most difficult times for us. We feel crushed, off-balance, and our world reels but, if we continue to hold on to Him, He will turn our ashes to beauty. For those who have experienced such hardships, let me say I am so sorry for your trials. If you could hear the many others, they would say the same. We all feel for one another and want the best for us all. You are not alone even though, many times in the dark of night, you may feel it.

Our tears are the same, from a hardened or wounded police officer, a combat weary soldier, a frazzled, exhausted, single-parent mother or father, an emotionally or physically abused, abandoned wife, or child to a lonely, aging person in a nursing home remembering the years that went by s-o quickly.

If we heard their stories, our hearts would go out to them. We are all linked together because of Jesus; the One that died for us and knows everything we have experienced. Let’s all enjoy eternity with Him. He loves us beyond our understanding… He really does.


Continue to cling to Him and receive His beauty. A lot of us go into such disappointment, we abort the beauty and stay in ashes the rest of our lives. It’s hard, but just reach out to Him if only a little bit at a time. Your tender spirit wants to reach out, but fear, disappointment, and maybe even anger might try to prevent you. It’s ok to feel your emotions. It’s ok to scream, or just cry. We have to process our grief or disappointments but, always remember to return to Him. We have an eternity to live and we want to make it there to be with Him and our loved ones. He truly is our loving God.

I did not plan this writing. As I said, I had something else to share but, perhaps, this was needed for this day if not for you, maybe someone you know. Remember, we are all in this together. We are all on our journey of this life and can relate to each other’s experiences, if not in total, we can feel each other’s feelings.



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