Stephen Phifer


Dr. Stephen Phifer is a third-generation minister with more than three decades of experience as a pastoral artist, worship leader and conductor. He is also a teacher and writer. Stephen holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Music Education from the University of Arkansas at Monticello and Wichita State University, and a Doctor of Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. He currently serves as an Online Professor of Worship Studies at Valley Forge University.


Stephen’s mission is to search the Word of God for the revelation of why and how God wants to be worshiped by His people and share these things with his brothers and sisters in the Kingdom. He longs to see a Worship Revival as the people of God emerge from the confines of Sanctuaries and traditions to impact our world through Spirit-empowered living, through sharing the Jesus story with those we meet and by reflecting His glory through our lives and the work of our hands.


Join Stephen as he shares a daily glimpse into the life of Jesus and how that life still greatly impacts us today. In these daily devotions you will find: 

A short story, about 500 words, based on an incident or a character from the Jesus Story, The scripture readings that are the source, and sometimes the commentary, on the story, A prayer that springs from the truths presented in the story, and A song, usually an old song, that celebrates the truth for that day.

Allow The Jesus Story to infiltrate your life and bring a new perspective to your Christian walk. Published daily on!


This book should be a vital part of all worship ministries. Whether for teaching to a worship or for personal reading on worship, this book is a great resource. I love how Phifer has brought together a text that touches on the important elements of worship leading and worship team building. A must read! – C. Gudgeon


Stephen brings teaching through seminars to the local church. You can find more details and more seminars by visiting Stephen Phifer’s website below.  

Book Stephen

The Power of the Dove: Living in the Gentle Power of the Holy Spirit

Stephen’s most recent seminar is for the whole church.  We are told in the Bible to “walk in the Spirit.”  What does that mean?  How do we do that? In this 5-part teaching, he attempts to bring together the biblical revelation of the ministry of the Holy Spirit to and through the New Covenant believer.


A Heart of Praise: Music in the Power of the Spirit 

With the A Heart of Praise seminar, I condense years and years of pastoral experience and Bible study into two teaching sessions.  This presentation is perfect for worship team or choir retreats where there are other items on the schedule.  The beauty of this for the local leader is that I get to say and teach things that the leader wants to say but usually can’t without offending the ones who need the teaching most.