Standing As a Watchman In the Contradictions

We are living at a time when NOTHING is normal and EVERYTHING is being shaken.

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For thus the Lord said to me: “Go, set a watchman; let him announce what he sees.” (Isaiah 21:6 ESV)

A watchman is positioned to scan the horizon and report anything he/she deems to be amiss. By announcing what he/she sees, it is up to the people to prepare and then decide what to do. The watchman’s role is not necessarily to interpret what they see but simply to alert others of possible dangers by sharing critical information from a strategic perspective. Interestingly, just two verses later the text reads “Then he who saw, CRIED OUT…” That term, in its original language, actually says, “Then he who saw, CRIED OUT LIKE A LION!” In other words, when a watchman announces something that has been revealed, their announcement is backed by the authority of the Lion of Judah! One of the ways the Lion roars – is through the watchmen!

For those who are continuing to stand for a righteous outcome in the past election, our role is to be faithful watchmen who steward information well. Our job isn’t always to convince others of what we see, but to make sure we share valid intel that can help others make informed decisions.

Then the Lord said to me, “What do you see, Jeremiah?” (Jeremiah 24:3)

The Lord consistently asked His prophets what they saw before He unpacked any message for them. It was critical that His servants were looking with spiritual eyes and not natural ones. He wanted to make sure they were seeing what He was seeing! Perhaps, this might be a good question to ask those around you who are struggling to interpret the times. Instead of trying to convince them of what YOU see, ask them what THEY see. Compel them to take a second look and ask some serious questions. The fact is, we are living at a time when NOTHING is normal and EVERYTHING is being shaken. We cannot afford to look at things the same way we always have, nor can we use normal protocols and rules to rightly understand. We have to take a second look with fresh eyes.

I have been highly encouraged to find many other watchmen who are outside the organized Church looking at the world and asking a lot of the same questions. There are those in the medical field asking critical questions about the supposed pandemic. There are those in the media mountain who are alerting others to biased reporting and shoddy journalism. There are those in the educational field who are raising concerns about new curriculums erasing our history and Judeo-Christian heritage. Others are sounding the alarm concerning child trafficking and issuing the call for justice. In every mountain of culture, watchmen have been raising their voices to alert the nation to foul play and an encroaching spiritual enemy. When comparing the messages of these watchmen, they all seem to point to the same root issues and the same demonic schemes at work in high places. Indeed, the works of darkness are being exposed as His light is breaking through. The Holy Spirit is speaking through MANY watchmen in this hour preparing us for the incredible breakthrough to come!

As you continue to stand watch in prayer for this nation, here are some things I’ve learned in my own journey:

  1. Stay open to correction and adjustment. Sometimes you may only see a portion of the picture and don’t have all the facts. There’s no shame in saying you only see in part.
  2. Give Hope! Even in the darkest of times, God’s light can shine brightly and point us to victory.
  3. Count the cost. Not everyone will agree and some will even walk away. You need to be OK with that and still love them well.
  4. Do your research. Get valid information from at least 3 independent sources and become a credible source that’s proven trustworthy.
  5. Feed your spirit. Be sure to stay in the Word and fine-tune your ear to the Father’s voice and the Spirit’s presence. It’s the anchor that will keep you from drifting.
  6. Pray for others more than criticizing them. Your prayers from a place of love have more power to change a human heart than any coercion ever can.

Be encouraged as you continue to stand watch and see where the Lord is directing your gaze. Whether it’s through dreams, visions, insights from reading, revelation in prayer, or intel on the ground, your witness as a watchman is an important piece of our collective puzzle! The sound of the Lion is coming forth through the watchmen and victory is on its way!



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