Spring Sprung

Then new life begins to build. Suddenly, that dead person has become alive as never before.

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Spring Is Here!

I was reminded that spring is here. This beautiful land that I live on is, indeed, an incredible reminder of God’s plan and creation. My family and I have the amazing privilege to live on a 100-acre farm. It includes a frontage covered by grass seed grass, a herd of goats numbering around 60 (most are kids from this year’s birthing – constantly entertaining), a few chickens, lots of trees, barns, and a 150-year-old house.

From the ground abounds proof of God’s handiwork. He certainly planned Earth with great detail! The daffodils are in full bloom, bushes are filling out, the grass is needing to be mowed, the geese are squawking as they pass over in clumps of thousands heading home, leaf buds are busting out on the oaks, and garden plans are buzzing joyfully within our heads. ‘Tis spring!

God has made all things to coincide with His plans for mankind. You look at it and stare in awe as you begin to see that He completed everything to work together. From day one in the Garden, He had a plan that is just phenomenal to consider.


Look At The Seed!

It grows upon the growth of another life. A plant grows down its roots then up its stalk. It flourishes. Produces leaves. Then buds. Then a beautiful flower comes about. It raises its head to the sunshine. Then makes seeds and then drop off, dead.

Have you ever bought a seed packet and found the seeds inside to be beautiful and full of life? Of course not. One of the most amazing parts of nature is that, in order for a seed to produce, it must die.

And then, to give it life, we have to stick it in the dirt, fertilizer, and drown it with water. Then the cycle begins again as it sprouts and reaches for the sun.

We begin our relationship with God by “killing off” our old sin nature (not our personality – Jesus adores that part).

Then we are put into a place where we have no idea what is going on as God begins to nurture and feed us. Our soul needs the “feeding” of Scripture. That’s the dirt part. Good, rich soil and fertilizer.

Then, new life begins to build. Suddenly, that dead person has become alive as never before. Roots grow down into a solid foundation of His Word. Then we sprout and grow as we realize our need for the Son and start to reach out to Him.

That Sonshine feels so good! We grow more and more. Soon, His presence (our Gardener) causes us to flower up. We’ve produced a strong stem (commitment to God), leaves (openness to the Holy Spirit), flowers (public ministry), then seeds. Yep, seeds are the spreading of the Word and resulting converts. People who we touch and give the Good News to because of what God has done to us. Did you know the true fruit of an apple tree is another tree? Spring is, indeed, the great showing of transformation. And that is what God does to us!

Can I get an Amen?




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