Speaking Through a Mommy Moment

In my mind, I thought, “Does God actually care about how I discipline them in this specific situation? Does He really care?”

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This morning I was in my bathroom getting ready for the day. I was praying as I put on my makeup.

“God, these children are testing every bit of me today. I have already determined that I wasn’t going to let this day be ruined. Help me, God! What do I do now?”

In my mind, I thought, does God actually care about how I discipline them in this specific situation? Does He really care if we go on with our plans or if I just cancel them and give up on this day? He’s never actually spoken to me about specific discipline.

I was on the verge of tears when my 7-year-old walked into the bathroom. She was carrying a tag she removed from her new book bag.

“Look, Mom, this tag says ‘made especially for you. Isn’t that sweet?’”

She turned to leave the room and I called for her to come back. I stopped what I was doing and looked at what she had in her hand. It was a tag from her new book bag and it simply said: “Made especially for you.”

I was stunned. In my weakest moment, God sent my little girl to remind me that these children were made especially for me. God placed each of these personalities into our home on purpose. He has given us the specific skills to raise each child.

On so many days I feel like I have failed. I am continually reminded that training children come with complete exhaustion of mind and body. I will persevere because these children are important to me, but most of all they are important to Him.

I don’t know what battle you may be facing with your child; but remember, friend, they were made especially for you.



Written by Jenn Kish


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